Can Rover Come Over?

Owner- Debra

​The Top Dog- Rascal

​Secretary of Soap Bubbles- Brady, and Teresa

​Chairman of the Bark- Maddie

​Chairman of Sleepytime-  Robert

​Executive Vice President of Naptime- Corby

​Treasurer of the Treats- Reginald

​Professionals of Dog Hair Stylist- Eva and Jennifer

​Secretaries of Ill do anything for the Furbabies- Brittany

Lilly & Cash

Meet the Staff

About Can Rover Come Over

Love to come in, love to go home

Our main purpose is to provide a safe, clean, loving, convenient and affordable environment for you and your Rover. Whether the reason for the visit be a bath, staying at our Mutt-Tel or to socialize and exercise in our Daycare; we want all of Rover's parents to have peace of mind that their Rover is receiving the personal attention they deserve.

We have been in business since 10/15/10

​We have received a "Locals Love Us" award 3 times

​We have placed or been a runner up in "The Best of East Texas" every year.